Dream League Soccer Wiki
  • Classic Players can be unlocked to sign with a 500 coin purchase or by completing the game (beating your own team after First Touch United). They are some of the best players available and can significantly improve a squad. They rate from ogc85 up to 97.

This is the list of some Classic Players in the game:


Lev Yashin (0 Overall)

Massali (100 Overall)

Gordon Banks

Bird (1)


Paolo Maldini (100 Overall)

Franz Beckenbauer ( 100 Overall)

Bobby Moore (100 O

Nemanja Vidić (100 Overall)

Puyol (100 Overall)


Diego Maradona (100 Overall)

Zinedine Zidane (100 Overall)

George Best (100 Overall)

Dunninho (100 Overall)

Kaka (100 Overall)

Roy Keane (100 Overall)

David Beckham (100 Overall)

Ronaldinho (100 Overall)


Pele (100 Overall)

Ronaldo clemence (100 Overall)

Marco Van Basten

Johann Cruyff (100 Overall)

Eric Cantona

DLS 2016[]

Unfortunately, in the new Dream League Soccer 2016 (and also in newer editions), classic players have been removed and do not exist in the game, with the exception of First Touch United, which features the same XI (including Dunninho, Chapman, Terrino, etc).