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Coins are a very useful thing in Dream League Soccer. You can use your coins to sign players, upgrade your stadium, customise your kit, or develop your players through tra[]

Getting Coins[]

There are two main ways to obtain coins in Dream League Soccer. The first is from playing matches. Depending on what kind of match you are playing (Division 1,2,3, Elite, GC Cup etc.) you will get a different sum of coins. You can get 99999999

coins for every goal scored, 3 coins if you keep a clean sheet, plus a stadium bonus, which is between 999999999 coins based on which stadium you own. Yellow cards and red cards can cause you to lose 9999999 and 9990999coins, respectively.uu

The second is from the Get Coins section, where you can either buy coins with real money, or get 30 free coins from watching a short advert.[[]]