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What a fantastic goals so wonderful and greatdls

'Marvelous shot there

Ermmm what the sigma

  • What a mvp goal alah alah alah alah alah
  • The fans can't believe that they saw such a beautiful finish

  • "Oh Afiq scored he made it look so easy woooooow!"
  • "Delightful finish!"
  • "Wonderful team play"

. "Aaaaaaaaa,this is team fight now"

  • "Fantastic skill for Afiq " oh magical volley."
  • "Oh Gosh he played it we into the angle 90 degree
  • woooooo what do you have to say about that Joshua is it a marvelous goal there
  • Hahahaha yeah it was waaauw
  • "are you sure"
  • !"

This is awesome and extremely great he proved and showed the word what he is capable of

  • Encara Afiq,Recuerda su nombre, Afiq.
  • El mejor del mundo es Afiq.

Own g[]


I feel sorry for him it was a mistake putting the ball in he own net

  • “He can’t quite believe it nor can his teammates, he’s put it in his own net!”
  • “It’s an own goal, what was he doing?!” OH IT'S AN OWN GOAL, WHAT WAS HE DOING??!! What an ugh was he doing?"
  • "Oh he fell it back into the net. Surely that own goal down, it's an own goLO
  • Great own fucking goal by Mark Bijma!

  • Great pass, nice frequent pass there

Long pass:

  • Spreads it out.Its so nice to see how Chelsea is pressing.“and shihab switches the play”
  • And if you look kinly you will see that chelsea is pushing to remain at the top of the epl table.“Shihab Sends it forward"
  • "Hoisted upfield now"

GK Pass:

  • "Good distribution from Raya there"

  • "The keeper plays it shot there

  • "Beautiful goal keeper passing for shihab"


Encara Afiq Frente a afiq Peleando con Afiq, Afiq está loco ¡Encara Afiq!

  • ”Ohhhh!!! Ohhh!!!! Eso es maravilloso por parte de Afiq, nadie le puede quitar un balón, lo tiene todo"
  • "Well what can we say he knows how to work with the ball(Afiq)

Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq Encara Afiq!!!"

What a rainbow

  • “woow... Ese es un regate loco de Afiq, nadie puede detenerlo en este mundo, es el mejor, es como Lionel Messi, Encara Afiq.


  • "Will he make a history...yes!! He does makes a history"
  • "Messi adichu!"
  • "Ohhh!!! Afiq ya está aquí Afiq Afiq Ohh!!! Afiq gol Gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol!!!!!!"
  • “Has a crack!”
  • "He put the ball in it rightfully place in the back of the net "
  • "What the heck"
  • "നല്ല ചാൻസ് "
  • "What a shot from far out"

  • “Shihab crack from distance!”
  • “Optimistic effort”
  • "XXX with the shot"
  • "Let's see how this shot goes"
  • "Well this shot looks dramatic"


  • "On the volley!"
  • "Volleyed goalwards!"
  • "What a volley" wow


  • "Off Shihab's head"
  • "Tries the header"
  • "Headed goalwards"
  • "And that was a volley header there, no chance for the keeper."


oooooo wonderful stop from the keeper!

  • "What the fuck Great save!”
  • "Well he denied it such a great goalkeeper"
  • "Incredible reactions from the goalkeeper there to kick the shot out, let's take another look"
  • "നല്ല സേവ്!


  • "he say's thats my food there"


  • സൂപ്പർ സേവ് "
  • "Good block there he just stops anything coming towards him!"
  • "Shihab got a good hand behind that"
  • "And it's saved by the keeper he just took what belong to him"
  • "Confident goalkeeping there!"


  • "mendy saves"
  • "kepa saves"
  • "Kepa what a save"
  • "Ederson picks it up".
  • "De gea saved!!!"
  • "Lhoris, unbeliveable save!"
  • "Romero just joined the Justice League as Superman for collect".

  • "Well he's certainly made the goalkeeper work, he's unlucky not to score|



  • “Back off the bar!” ooh
  • "Off the post!" Hahaha
  • “Oh it’s hit the post!”
  • "Goodness me that was close!"
  • "He really should be hitting the target"
  • "And the keeper, really glad that wasn't on target.

What a cheap

was a great chance they're unlucky not to score!"

  • "I'm not sure the goalkeeper would have had that!"
  • "Ooh അതാണ് റിയൽ അവസരം "

Far off target:

  • "അത് പോരാ

  • "And that's way off"
  • “Oh, that’s well over!”
  • "He’s got under that a bit too much I think"
  • “That’s high and won’t trouble the keeper"
  • "And that's well wide" So it's well wide
  • "He's got under that a little too much I think"
  • "I can't believe he shot from there. What a waste"
  • "Why did he do that!"
  • "And that was surely to score"
  • "oooooo not the best effort there"


  • "As you can see that was just wonderful "
  • V.A.R checking..


  • This really take the faith of the player no chance
  • "
  • He timed the tackle excellent combination the talked about how the world 5
  • ed tackle"
  • "
  • "Quality defending there!" Oh Nice tackle!

What a[]

fouled."ard:Peter druy

  • card."
  • 123 a yellow 3 another one he is off the field
  • "That's a yellow card, he'll need to be careful now!"
  • "Oh, it's a yellow card, he'll have to be carefulng to be a substitution"
  • Arteta is doing subtitution


  • now is grab a consolation goal, there's not much time left and it seems all over."
  • "The defender searches for safety"