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Diego Maradona is an Argentinian central attacking midfielder (AMC) on Dream League Soccer. He is part of the Argentinean team, as well as 80's All Stars. He starts as a 96-rated player, but when stats are fully developed, he can be 100-rated. He is also one of the few players who are both-footed.


You can upgrade all of Diego Maradona's stats to 100, except tackling which is maxed out at 89. Maradona's goalkeeping maxes out at 37 agility, 38 reflexes and 38 positioning. Though his acceleration is 100, some people still argue that a few players are faster. Maradona is one of the few players that can reach 100 overall on Dream League Soccer.


Maradona's price ranges from 450 Coins - 820 Coins, similar to that of Zidane's price.