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Dream FC after winning the Global Challenge Cup in DLS16, something Arsenal can't dream of doing in real life.

The Global Challenge Cup is a league where some of teams from other divisions will have to play against each other. It works like the FA Cup and The Carabao cup where its target is to not lose any matches at it or your team gets eliminated.

Your team can earn lots of coins and gems for every time you reach the finals and be the champion. It happens during from the Academy Division to Legendary Divisions.

The Teams that Are in it

  • The teams that are in this cup:
Team Names
As Monaco
BC Nice
Crystal Palace
* Everton
* I Milan
* J Turin
* Leicester
* Liverpool
* Lyon
* Manchester C
* Manchester U
* Marseille
* Napoli
* Paris
* R Madrid
* Roma
* S Lisbon
* Stoke
* Tottenham H
* Valencia
* Villarreal
* West Ham