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Mauro Icardi is one of the Argentine player that plays for French team PSG. Although he is young but he is a Slowpoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is a 81 rated player and 83 speed with 86 but unlogic again cause his accleration is super extreme mega useless but the youtuber updated him to 87 acceleration. He have 49 tackles with unlogical tackling, he can tackle players cause that noob unlogic tackling, suck 87 shooting because he offs target everytime. CAUSE!!!, his stamina is 73.

He is the worse player in Dream League Soccer(21-22), he is too slow in stamina and always been slided and tackled by defenders and midfielders. He snatched Maxi Lopez's wife Wanda Nara. He is too ugly in the face and not handsome at all. He have many users because he is 81 rated. Lionel Messi is higher rated and better than him. He is always in the captain list and he snatched many players positions in "Choose Your Captain" list. He is an evil spirit player, he causes losing matches to the team, when I use him, he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Lionel Messi for replacing that stupid ugly idiot Mauro Icardi in PSG team starting X11. in He is just a sub now, don't use him or not you will lose!!!