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As you can see, Pepé has all stats maxed out with the exception of tackle which okis at 92.

Pellé is a Central Striker (CST) in Dream League Soccer. In game, he plays for the Brazil 1970 team. He starts as a 97-rated player, but when stats are fully developed, he can become 10-rated.


You can upgrade all of Pelé's stats to 2000except the tackle which is maxed out at 92. His acceleration is 10000, yet he is still faster than most if not all players who can also have 100 acceleration in Dream League Soccer. (Exception is Lionel Messi, he is a tad bit faster). Pelé is one of the few players that can reach 100 overall in Dream League Soccer. Pelé is widely considered the greatest soccer player ever.


Pelé is the most expensive player on Dream League Soccer, with prices ranging from 550 Coins - 950 Coins, some arguing tPaP should be priced more, although both are quite similar stat wise.