Dream League Soccer Wiki

Perfect Players is a name given (by me) to players that once fully Developed, have 100 on every single stat except Goalkeeping Stats (Gk: Agility, Reflexes, Positioning). However, a perfect player may have a preferred foot. A perfect player with a preferred foot of Both (B) would be a God Player.

If you have a Perfect Player, it means you could play him on ANY position except Goalkeeper, and he woud still be the best player for that position.

List of Perfect Players[]

- Zidane (AMC) Preferred Foot: R Zidane

- Rivelino (AML) Preferred Foot: L Rivelino

- Müller (LST) Preferred Foot: R Muller LST

- Boban (ML) Preferred Foot: L Boban ML

- Mathaus (DMC) Preferred Foot: R (need image proof)

How to find a Perfect Player[]

With the use of Player Development, a player can raise each of their attributes by a maximum of 20. Therefore, a player with fully maxed out (100) attributes must have at least 80 in each attribute before being developed. For example, if a player on the Transfer Market has 80 or higher in every attribute except Tackling (which is 70 for example), then the player, when fully developed, will have 100 in every attribute except Tackling, which will be 90.