Dream League Soccer Wiki

The stadium is the venue used to play all games and matches.

Types of buildings[]

There are three types of buildings and stands: corners,sides and end stands.

Also, you can use the corners for either more stands, lights, buildings or a large screen.

Stadium upgra[]


Stadium Building upgrades[]

The default stadium involves the two end and four corner stadium buildings. They are all very small and should be upgraded regularly.

Pitch pattern[]

There is also the option of changing the pitch pattern of the stadium. There are varying costs for this, but it is only a cosmetic upgrade.


Stadiums cost coins to upgrade, and return a certain amount after one game. For example, a well upgraded stadium will earn a good home stadium bonus in coins, which always returns, even if you lose.

Other information[]

Stadiums also are important in getting into different divisions. You must have a stadium capacity of y people in order to gain entry into higher divisions. Stadiums are also a great way to get more coins.

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